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How To Choose The Right Tires

Choosing the right tires for your vehicle is a crucial decision as it will affect more aspects of your car’s performance than you might realize. There are various sizes and specialized types that are geared toward specific needs. R.P.M. Superstore is here to help you. Keep reading for more tips on how to choose the right tires. When you’re ready to check out our inventory, stop by and see us in Richmond, VA.


What Size Do You Need?

You should always refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle for essential information on the type of tires your vehicle needs. You can also look at the placard on the driver’s side of your door jamb for the recommended tire measurements. With that said, there is some wiggle room here. You can go a bit higher when it comes to the load index and speed rating.


What Type of Tire Do You Need?

Perhaps the most important consideration you’ll make is what type of car tires you need. The speed rating holds some significance, but you should be careful not to overlook the type of tire. For example, all-season tires are famous for their impressive all-weather grip and long mileage.

The next step up is performance all-season tires, which are a good choice for cars with upgraded wheels. These have better grip but they may not wear as long. You can go a step further and invest in ultra-high-performance all-season and summer tires, which are ideal for sports cars and performance sedans. The difference between all-season and summer tires can be tricky, so you might need to visit the manufacturer’s website for detailed information.

All-terrain truck tires tend to have a much more aggressive tread pattern to help avoid off-road traction. These can be identified by A/T or all-terrain as a part of the model name. They come in large sizes and are designed to handle the towing and hauling duties of light-duty pickups and SUVs. Last but not least, don’t forget about snow tires for the winter. These can be easily identified by a mountain and a snowflake symbol located on the sidewall. The read will also look much busier than all-season car tires. These should be purchased in sets of four for optimal braking and handling

Cost vs. Performance

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to time to choose a new set of car tires. Some people are primarily concerned with the cost of the car tires and gravitate toward the cheapest option but when cars start to get older, people tend to become more concerned with performance. No matter what your priorities are, you should refer to the owner’s manual and research the brand and model you’re considering purchasing.

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